Welcome to NASORB, Brad Colyer

I took this picture. I drank this beer. This is a post about Brad, and I'm trying to steal the show.

We’d like to welcome Brad Colyer to the mix here at North and South of Royal Brougham. I used to work with Brad on my college newspaper, where his smart ass sense of humor was much appreciated, and where his apparent man crush on Sean Casey made Sean Kramer and me pretty weirded out. That he kept reminding anyone that Casey’s nickname was “The Mayor” was only annoying when I was trying to run my no-huddle offense on the Playstation 2 that I donated to the journalism program there.

Brad has eclectic interests, but for our purposes he’s going to be our Sounders guy. We’ve done a shitty job of covering the Sounders. Brad will do better.

He’s a good writer, and a fan of alcoholic beverages, which puts him in good company on our website. Sean and I will one day make the pilgrimage to Bellingham to ruin his life by initiating him into the fine world of India Pale Ales, but for now we’ll let him rot up there alone and sober.