2012 Seahawks QB Candidates: Matt Moore

Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins

6-3, 203 lbs

2012 Age: 28 years old

Matt Moore is the second best Matt Moore throwing balls professionally in Florida.


What we like:

Accurate arm, able to lead receivers

Productive in 2011

Familiar with West Coast Offense


What we don’t like:

Arm strength is limited

Not a free agent, Dolphins will probably want to keep him

Has been inconsistent in the past



For a guy who went undrafted in 2007, Matt Moore’s 25 starts to this point in his career are actually quite impressive. Moore took over the Dolphins starting job last year after Chad Henne was placed on injured reserve, and never looked back, out producing Henne by a wide margin. Moore is probably a game manager, and his arm strength probably limits him to a fairly conservative passing attack like the one run in Seattle. Moore’s deep ball tends to flutter. Considering his lack of experience relative to the league, Moore makes pretty good decisions, and though he’s not mobile, he’s able to move his feet enough to avoid a pass rush or improve his passing lane. If he’s jettisoned upon a Matt Flynn arrival in Miami, he may be an interesting name for the Seahawks to bring in to compete for the starting job.

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