Prince Fielder signs with Detroit

Two members of the offensive line for the Detroit Tigers flag football team look to Prince Fielder to shore up the left tackle position

Prince Fielder signed with the Detroit Tigers today, in exactly the kind of behemoth contract I didn’t want to see him sign in Seattle. Nine-years, $214 million. That means that Fielder will be 36 years old when his contract is over. Playing baseball at 36 years old is at least on the edge of old for anyone not named Julio Franco or Jamie Moyer, but when you’re built like a sumo wrestler, some people theorize that 36 years old is a lot older.

Some people theorize that when your dad, who came in the league infinitely more athletically built that you anti-metabolized his way out of the league, you’re prone to do so yourself.

Some people think that nobody is worth nine-years, $214 million.

I don’t know what Fielder will look like in five years. I definitely don’t what he will look like in nine years. I think that there is a chance that Fielder is productive longer than Albert Pujols, but I wouldn’t call it an overwhelming probability.

So the comparison between Albert Pujols, his contract, and Prince Fielder and his contract are probably not exactly apples-to-apples. The Angels signed Pujols as a contender, and seemed to have their new TV deal in their hip pocket conditional on Pujols arrival in Anaheim. Much of Pujols cost was supplemented, most of his production is a marginal gain, which is important to all teams, but harder to achieve, generally, for teams that are already good, and thus more valuable because they lead to other prospective revenue streams (playoff tickets, additional regular season ticket sales, etc).

I’d equate Albert Pujols contract to a controlled burn, while Fielder’s is a wild fire. Either way there will be a mess at the end, in all likelihood, but the Angels came with retardant and brooms, and the Tigers came with mystery liquid and a prayer.

Good process will beat bad process more times than not. The Mariners exercised good process by not overpaying for Fielder. As a Mariners fan it’s almost hard to care about this deal anymore as he’s not going to Texas, but he’s not going to be bogging down Seattle on the field or in the payroll department over the next nine seasons. I don’t know what Prince Fielder will look like over those nine seasons, but I think he’ll be less than great for a lot of them. So Prince Fielder signed in Detroit, that’s good news to me.

Would you want Prince Fielder for nine-years, $214 million?

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  • Anonymous

    Your survey should have had a “No way in hell” option. And maybe a “Yes, if you believe in miracles” choice