The Chip Kelly clusterfuck

This was actual a good example of journalistic diligence by the Register-Guard. It was also a Mindfuck.

The last few weeks have been an incredible personal lesson on the journalistic value of twitter and reporting “sources” on the internet. Sports journalism is evolving, forcing us all to learn how to deal with complete information overload, testing our ability to keep up with everything.

At one point last night, Chip Kelly was a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, ready to plunder Oregon’s coaching staff if they didn’t promote one of his assistants to Head Coach. It was a done deal, multiple sources cited. Mainly, the Eugene Register-Guard.

Last night while most of us were enjoying the NFC Championship game tweets started to surface that Chip Kelly was abandoning ship at Oregon in order to jump on the ship at Raymond James to coach the Bucs.

Of course, this came with rumors of Chip Kelly jumping ship because of Pete Carroll – Seahawk precedents. Is Chip just leaving before the NCAA drops the hammer on Oregon?  Well, he didn’t leave. He’s staying at Oregon, hypothetical sanctions or not.

But what was really baffling about this situation, and any comparisons to when Carroll jumped to Seattle, is that Carroll only left USC for the absolute perfect opportunity in the NFL. In Seattle Carroll was granted an aggressive organization, complete control of player personnel hiring his own GM, and $7 Million a year didn’t hurt either.

Let’s make no mistake about it, NCAA hammer or not, Carroll wasn’t going to leave USC for just any job. He would have done it many years prior if it was just about going to the NFL. Carroll had one of the best jobs in the country already.

Tampa Bay did not present that kind of similar scenario for Chip Kelly.

And let’s not make any mistake about Chip Kelly, he is as much a God in Eugene as Pete was in Los Angeles. That is a dream job for Chip and he is a dream coach for Oregon. It’s literally a match made in heaven, and in order for him to leave that it will come down to the perfect NFL match.

Chip is a hungry, competitive individual. He has Oregon on its most successful run in the entire history of the program, there is only one more thing he has left to accomplish at Oregon (a national title), other than that the program has reached its ceiling. I fully believe that Chip would embrace a challenge to make his offense work on football’s highest stage, I do not believe that Chip would do it unless it is on his own terms. It will cost more than $8 Million a year to get him to leave, it will take the power for Chip to control the personnel of his football team and would it take the power for Chip to choose every member of his staff in the NFL.

I believe that Chip had agreed to a number of major contractual issues with Tampa Bay, but I also believe there were two things that snagged an eventual agreement, and why at the end of the day this made no sense for Chip. Tampa Bay has a General Manager, and a General Manager that ran the recruitment effort of Chip. I believe that a minor detail of what role Chip would have in bringing in players turned in to a major snag. I also believe that Oregon and Uncle Phil made an 11th hour offer in order to make his already lucrative employment package even more so.

The NFL will always be there for Kelly. Oregon isn’t going anywhere with Kelly on the sidelines in Eugene, and they will again enter this upcoming season as a legitimate National Championship contender.

It’s been a cluster fuck 24 hours, but at the end of the day, common sense prevailed.

Besides, do you want Josh Freeman running your spread?

Chip Kelly won't produce many NFL QBs, but he knows a shitty one when he sees one.

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