2012 Seahawks QB Candidates: Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins, Michigan State

6-3 6-2, 205 209 lbs

2012 Age: 24 years old

Kirk Cousins is the offspring of two Cousins, get it?


What we like:

Three year starter

Average arm strength, above average accuracy

Not a scrambler, but mobile enough to run bootlegs and to pick up first downs with his feet on occasion

Experience in a pro style offense, takes most snaps from under center, and runs a lot of play action

Showed up in big games in 2011


What we don’t like:

Arm talent has probably already reached peak, and is only above average

Size is a question mark, may need to add weight to withstand NFL pounding

May have small hands Has below-average hand size: 9 7/8″



Cousins is firmly entrenched in what I consider the second-tier of quarterbacks in the draft. He plays in a pro-style offense, and has solid mechanics and footwork. Cousins is a three year starter and has been productive since taking over his junior year. He’s not great at any one aspect of the quarterback position, but he is something like a poor man’s Ryan Tannehill, who is more athletic, and has a stronger arm. Cousins’ bust rate is pretty low, as his skills can probably translate quickly into the NFL. However his size and natural talent probably limit his ceiling considerably, and Cousins may turn into this year’s version of Andy Dalton, but with a pro-style background.


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