2012 Seahawks QB Candidates: Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

6-4, 222 Lbs

2012 Age: 24 years old

I'd say that my mancrush on Ryan Tannehill knows no bounds, but I think that those bounds are the first 12 picks of the 2012 NFL draft.

What we like:

Great athlete, former high school quarterback who played receiver until the position opened

Played in a WCO under former Seahawks offensive coordinator Mike Sherman

Strong, accurate arm with a quick release

Throws well on the run

Excellent competitiveness, played WR to get on the field after losing QB battle

Impeccable character, good academically, strong work ethic


What we don’t like:

Has made only 20 collegiate starts

Throwing mechanics are in need of some work, release point could be raised

Production was good at the beginning of the season, but slowed at the end

Broken foot will require surgery before the draft

Is he a first rounder?



Ryan Tannehill is unquestionably my favorite quarterback not named Andrew Luck in this year’s draft. He’s played in an offense that was probably pro-style to a fault, and that probably ultimately cost Mike Sherman his job. As such, much like Andrew Luck, his production doesn’t match up with other quarterbacks who play in offenses that facilitate empty production. Tannehill is a long ways behind luck presently, and doesn’t have a ceiling as high as Luck, but I predict he has the second-highest ceiling of any quarterback in this year’s draft. His present day talent probably doesn’t warrant a high pick though, and his bust potential is very high. Everything positive that Jake Locker possessed last year, Tannehill possesses presently, and I think that Tannehill has a higher ceiling as he’s presently a better passer than Locker was during his senior year. Tannehill’s foot injury may push him into the second round, and if that happens he’s a great fit for the Seahawks, no matter if they go after Matt Flynn, another veteran, or not.