Jeff Fisher hired by the Rams

Jeff Fisher may not look creepy with a mustache, but he looks way less creepy in this picture where he has a beard.

The St. Louis Rams hired Jeff Fisher as their head coach this weekend. Fisher will turn 54 years old in February, and has a 147-126 record as a head coach, exclusively with the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans franchise. Fisher is a defensive minded coach, like Steve Spagnuolo, but one with instant credibility as a guy who has got his first head coaching job before any of his players entered the NFL.

I think that Jeff Fisher is a really good coach, and I never anticipated that the lights in St. Louis would be big enough, nor the composition of the franchise good enough for Fisher to become a divisional foe of the Seahawks. More so though, than Fisher just simply being a good coach, is that he’s got some coaching lineage in the NFL, and has already begun to pick his old buddies back off of other NFL franchises. Gregg Williams and Brian Schottenheimer are the two he’s picked off so far (Schottenheimer had never coached with Fisher in the past).

Williams is a scary defensive coordinator. He runs a pressure-heavy 4-3 that should fit Chris Long’s skills perfectly, and Schottenheimer’s offensive scheme that will still employ some of the same techniques as Josh McDaniels could ultimately suit Sam Bradford well, though Bradford regressed considerably last year after a promising rookie season.

Ultimately, the Seahawks best hope is that Schottenheimer destroys Bradford like he did Mark Sanchez.

A lot of the success or failure of Fisher hinges on the success of Bradford, obviously, but Fisher is a good coach. Even if I don’t agree with the decisions he’s making, he’s earned the credibility to believe that those decisions are probably pretty good.

It sucks that he’ll be facing the Seahawks twice a year, I know that.