2012 Seahawks QB Candidates: Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III, Baylor

6-2, 220

2012 Age: 22 years old

RG3 was very good this year, but a couple of years from now we may be calling him a poor man's KP1. Go Huskies!


What we like:

Absolute world class athlete, will be best athlete on the field on most downs

Work ethic appears unmatched according to reports

Graduated college early, great student

Collegiate production was unmatched, as evidenced by Heisman win

Excellent completion percentage

Throws a very good deep ball

Will face coverages akin to those faced by Tim Tebow, but with better arm talent


What we don’t like:

Not exactly ideal size, combine may reveal him to be much lighter, and shorter

Despite solid deep ball doesn’t have elite arm strength

Doesn’t come from a pro style offense, comes from simplified read-option offense

Accuracy is overstated by gimmicky offense



Robert Griffin III has become something of a trendy pick as players like Cam Newton and Tim Tebow have had varying degrees of success in the NFL. Every decade it seems like we see a push for mobile-quarterbacks and a handful come out of the draft and have some success, but rarely elite success in the NFL. Perhaps this bunch is a better bunch, as guys like Newton and Jake Locker figure to be solid passers also, but all too often these kinds of quarterbacks come from offenses that make their skills hard to translate into an impatient NFL, just like Tebow. Griffin will probably be drafted very high, and that means additional pressure for him to play and succeed early. By all accounts, he’s got a world class work ethic to match his athleticism, and if anybody has the intangibles to become a prolific passer as well as runner, it’s Griffin. It seems just as likely though that he’ll fall victim to a coaching change or general impatience at his position of he isn’t successful early on.

Griffin possesses some of the physical attributes that make him attractive to a team like the Seahawks that run a West Coast Offense. However, he doesn’t make a lot of pre-snap reads, he doesn’t have a ton of experience under the center or running play action, and he’ll likely be starting from ground zero when it comes to footwork.

Not to mention, the Seahawks will probably have to trade up to draft Griffin. Washington figures to be interested in Griffin at pick No. 6, and even Cleveland may be interesting him at No. 4. If either of those teams attempt to draft him, his cost to the Seahawks will likely change from a top draft pick, to several high draft picks.

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Would you rather trade up to draft Andrew Luck (at a higher cost than Griffin), trade up to draft Griffin, or trade for Matt Flynn if he's Franchise Tagged?

  • Griffin and less picks (43%, 17 Votes)
  • Luck and lots of picks (35%, 14 Votes)
  • Flynn and picks, plus lots of money (22%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

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  • Sunup

    It appears that RG3 is as advertise when it comes to size .I think he’s got a great arm and while this stats on accuracy may be skewed some He does appear to very accurate.We now know that at least two teams think he’s a franchise QB.
            Can you admit that your views on RG3 are perhaps biased ?You don’t seem to want to give him credit for much yet some NFL teams (not just the Redskins) feel he’s the second best QB with a high upside.

    • http://twitter.com/NASORB Casey McLain

      I am certainly biased to what I think is the best for the Seahawks. I think that Griffin has some skills as a QB, but that his functional accuracy is pretty low. Accuracy is more than putting the ball in the spot you’re trying to throw to, but also knowing what spot to throw to for a moving target to catch it. Griffin is good at hitting stationary targets, but leading his receivers he’s not as good at. His size definitely impressed me though. 

      • sunup

        How do you like him now?

      • http://twitter.com/CaseyMcLain34 Casey McLain

        He’s played tremendously well. I don’t think that Darrell Bevell has the capacity as a coach to do what Mike and Kyle Shanahan have done to fit an offense to his skills, and I don’t think that Griffin is a fit for every scheme in football, but he’s played very well and done nothing but prove me wrong so far. He’s shown some durability issues, like I stated, though.

      • http://twitter.com/CaseyMcLain34 Casey McLain

        Glad you remembered to come back though, and were respectful.