From the Gridiron to the Hardwood: Austin Seferian-Jenkins to ball for Romar – What should we expect?

Hopefully, this gaze deep into the soul will deter guards from scoring at will in the paint against UW.


This news shouldn’t be a huge shock to anybody. But it is still a very welcome piece of news. It’s been speculated ever since ASJ signed his LOI to Steve Sarkisian and the football program that he could one day also provide a boost to the paint for Romar and the basketball team as well, and that’s what has just been announced. 

Jenkins becomes the first athlete at UW to play both football and basketball since Nate Robinson in 2002. The next season Nate Rob, who was on football scholarship, committed to basketball full time instead. This is something that we shouldn’t expect at all from ASJ.

It should be noted that Clarence Trent, in the spring of 2010, attempted to walk on to the football team in order to save Romar a basketball scholarship, which was ultimately an unsuccessful venture. Trent now plays hoops at Seattle U.

In the Percy Allen Seattle Times piece, Romar states that ASJ will join the team for practice this week but won’t play against Seattle U, most likely.

Again, nothing really that should surprise us. ASJ has been out of organized basketball for over a year now, since his Senior year in high school when he averaged 19 and 8. As fans, we shouldn’t have a time table of when we specifically expect ASJ to hit the court. But, the hope would surely be sometime before the Bay area schools hit up Hec Ed on the 19th.


What to expect from ASJ

He’s not a savior, that’s for sure. However, considering that our big men have generally been as soft as a Hello Kitty doll, ASJ’s 6-6 250 pound frame is going to be a very welcome sight in practices.

The comparison that comes to my mind is Jon Brockman, but of course it’s a comparison that has to be made carefully, and with context. The similarities are mainly the strikingly similar body frames. Of course, what made Brockman so amazing as a Husky was how he often played much bigger than he actually was. We have little idea if ASJ is going to be able to do that. But what we do very much hope that he can bring to the table at the very least is the same kind of physical, push around, take no crap from nobody mentality that Brockman had on the court, which is something this team desperately, desperately needs on both ends of the floor in the paint.

Even if ASJ racks up 19 minutes a game, averages 6 points, 4 boards and 4 fouls a game, quite honestly I will take it. Because I am confident that that 6-4-4 line will also have come with flying elbows, hard nosed physical defense, and a couple of point guards being obstructed on their way to the hoop.

We can also expect ASJ to push everybody in practice. He is one more body in there forcing Shawn Kemp, forcing Martin Breunig, forcing even Darnell Gant to become better players inside the paint. Forcing them to become better rebounders. Forcing them to become better defenders. ASJ will be playing for minutes and should become nothing but a positive influence for this team.

He’s not a savior, but he is a welcome sight indeed.

Welcome to Romarville, ASJ.

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