Gearing down for the year

Frank Costanza would kick your ass in the feats of strength.

I’m in Spokane visiting my family for the holidays, and I don’t want to be tethered to a computer any more than I have to be. Things will probably stay pretty slow around here through New Years.

But if Fielder signs, or something crazy happens in the Seahawks game on Saturday, or the Mariners make an otherwise big move, or Robert Griffin III goes back to school, or anything huge of any kind, I’ll be on here writing about it.

But if the Mariners make eighty-four more minor league signings, I’m going to continue getting fatter away from my computer.

We appreciate you reading our blog this year, and we wish you a happy holiday, be it one of the traditional holidays, or Festivus. We have a lot of big things in store for next year, and we hope you come back to join us for them.