Mariners make offer, or something, to Prince Fielder

According to Jon Heyman the Mariners have made an offer of some level of formality to Prince Fielder. We doubt that the Mariners sent a not to Fielder’s camp that said “Do you like 5 years, $90 million” with two boxes marked yes and no. However, based on the vagueness of the term “offer” and its context as it relates to Fielder, my imagination has me viewing Fielder and Zduriencik locked in some sort of craigslist standoff, where Zduriencik has gone on and on about how great what Fielder’s selling is, and how he “used to have one just like it when he was younger,” but at the end of the conversation he says “and I know what you were asking, but I only have $38 and this jet ski with no motor to trade you.”

It appears that the Mariners may have found some kind of middle ground, offering Prince Fielder a contract without a blank check.

That there is mention of money restrictions is certainly encouraging to fans like myself, who only want the Mariners in on Fielder if it makes sense. What that means though is unclear. Scott Boras has rarely failed a client, and even when he was most criticized, when he advised Alex Rodriguez to opt out of his contract with the New York Yankees, he still got A-Rod a raise before he got canned by the slugger.

Fielder’s potential landing places are becoming limited. The Angels signed Albert Pujols. The Rangers won the bid for Yu Darvish, and apparently aren’t interested in Fielder. The Cubs may have moved on to Anthony Rizzo. The Yankees and Red Sox have their first base situations settled long term.

Unless the Marlins are actually still in on Fielder, it seems like Boras may not have another team to help drive up the price on Fielder.

Better yet though, it appears that the Mariners have drawn something of a line in the sand. That’s all myself, and many other less Fielder-happy fans have wanted. He’s a good player, no doubt, but there is enough financial risk and potential production decline, that paying $25 million a year to have an overweight first baseman on a third base team seems like a poor allocation of resources.

How much would you offer Prince Fielder? (let's say six years)

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