Sizing up the Seahawks’ realistically unreal playoff chances

Realistically Unreal? Does that even make sense? I don’t know, but it seems appropriate, since I can’t believe that after a 2-6 miserable start that this football team is even capable of calling itself potentially playoff worthy.

But do you know what does make sense? That Skittles are freaking delicious. They are even more delicious when they are being passed around the room celebrating a Beast Mode touchdown. Marshawn’s run last night put away a 30-13 Seahawk victory, bringing the Seahawks three wins closer to potentially claiming a playoff spot.

Seattle’s record rests at 6-7, with the team having won four of its last five football games. It was a run that started with a stunning home victory over Baltimore, one that was led by a crushing Seahawk defense. That Seahawk defense has been the leading reason for the mid-season winning renaissance, giving up only 12.75 points per game in its last four victories, and 23 points in its one loss.

The team’s quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, is still largely inconsistent due to physical brilliance and mental mediocrity.

But still, here we are. Not horrendous enough to join the SuckForLuck or BlowForBarkley campaigns. Perhaps not great enough for playoff glory, but we can still hope.

So, without further a do.

How can Seattle claim a playoff spot?

It has to be via Wild Card, something Seattle hasn’t accomplished since 2003. Most likely, the sixth seed. The 49ers have already wrapped up the NFC West championship.

And, the Seahawks absolutely have to win out. It is extremely unlikely that 8-8 cuts it for the Hawks. 9-7 is the only way, and even in the case of winning out we still have to wait for favorable results from other games in order to punch our playoff ticket.

But, this is this fun part – Playing with the hypothetical and realistic scenarios that will get the Seahawks back to the post season.

Seattle has to win out of a schedule that consists of playing the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday. Come home against the Niners, and then finish on the road at Arizona.

It’s completely possible, but not in any way easy. The Bears are reeling offensively without Cutler and Forte, and the Seahawks defense will be no god send for them. The challenge, obviously, is Seattle getting offensive production of their own against a stiff Bears unit.

If they can pull that off, then it’s the Niners at home. The Niners have been struggling a bit offensively themselves, but are a much more capable unit. Seattle’s advantage will be in that they have a much better defense than the one they ran out there in week 1, and have a much better special teams unit as well. The Hawks will probably also need the full fury of the 12th man if they’ve got any shot at closing out their home closer with a win.

Then, it’s at Arizona, who the Seahawks beat earlier in the year 13-10. I would almost hope that Kevin Kolb is playing, since he will be gimped out and is not playing as well as John Skelton. Seattle fans shouldn’t take this game lightly, however. The Cardinals are just as hot as Seattle is right now and could potentially be entering that game with playoff hopes of their own if they take care of the Browns and Bengals.

Getting to 9-7 is just the first obstacle. After that it’s praying for favorable results from the NFC competition.

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Who are the Seahawks competing against?

There are five teams in the NFC the Seahawks are competing with for the Wild Card.

Atlanta Falcons 8-5
Detroit Lions 8-5
Dallas Cowboys 7-6*
New York Giants 7-6*
Chicago Bears 7-6
Arizona Cardinals 6-7

I listed six teams, because two of those competitors come out of the NFC East. One of those teams will have to win their division. As it stands today the Giants have the tie breaker, however, the two teams meet in week 17 in a game that Seahawk fans in all likelihood will be rooting for Dallas to win. If the Dallas Cowboys do not win their division but stand with a 9-7 record, they will take the playoff spot by virtue of defeating Seattle. If the Cowboys win the NFC East and the Giants sit at 9-7, Seattle takes the wild card spot by virtue of their victory in the Meadowlands.

Of those six teams, if the Seahawks hypothetically finish 9-7 they will have tie breakers over all of them except Dallas and Atlanta. Which means if the Cowboys win the NFC East, and the Falcons already have the five seed, it would look extremely favorable for the Seahawks from there on out. (For those wondering the tie-breakers, it is head to head if applicable, followed by record against NFC opponents).

To make is completely simple, outside of winning out, the Seahawks are really hoping for two things in the “Things out of their control” department. Detroit to lose two of three, and the Cowboys their division. The only scenario in which Seattle beats out Dallas in the Wild card is if they lose two of three. Not likely unless the Eagles completely come to play in the game at JerryWorld. I wouldn’t count on it.

But first, it has to be stated that the Falcons have a wild card spot on lock. Their schedule is soft, and need just one win out of three to claim a spot over the Seahawks, who they have a tie breaker over. In fact, Falcons look solid for a five seed.

So let’s just write them in.

1. Green Bay Discount DoubleChecks
2. San Francisco/New Orleans
3. New Orleans/San Francisco
4. G-Men/Dallas
5. Falcons

Sizing up the competitions schedule

This douche has a problem with Seattle in the playoffs.


Dallas Cowboys

@Tampa Bay
v. Philly
@New York Squinty Eli’s

Detroit Lions
v. San Diego
@ Green Bay Discount Double Checks

New York Giants
v. Washington
@ Jets
v. Dallas





Chicago Bears
@ Green Bay
@ Minnesota

Arizona Cardinals
v. Browns
@ Bengals

Atlanta Falcons
v. Jacksonville
@ Nawlins Saints
v. Tampa Bay

Playing with the scenarios

Here are the uhm, likely, scenarios that would have to play out for Seattle to gain a playoff bid as a six seed

Green Bay Packers – ∞ – 0
New Orleans Saints 11-5
San Francisco 49ers 11-5
Dallas Cowboys 9-7
Atlanta Falcons 10-6
Seattle Seahawks 9-7

Missing playoffs: Detroit Lions 9-7, Chicago Bears 8-8, Arizona Cardinals 7-9, New York Giants 9-7

Obviously in that scenario, with win over the Chicago Bears the Seahawks would be in even if the Bears finished 9-7.

Another extremely fun scenario would be if the Arizona Cardinals win their next two match ups against the Browns and Bengals and come in to the season finale with Seattle with an identical 8-7 record. Considering their vs. NFC record is identical to the Lions(who finish the season against Green Bay), in all likelihood, the 9-7 Arizona Cardinals would earn a berth into the playoffs.

Of course, then the 9-7 Cardinals would have to go through a clusterfuck of tie breakers if the Bears finish 9-7, which would be best winning percentage of common opponents. But that’s for an Arizona fan blog to settle through.


Seems possible to me. Seattle defense is playing extremely well, but we greatly need Tarvaris to avoid a Redskins type of performance. If Seattle misses out on the playoffs by a game, that is going to be the regrettable performance we point to that held Seattle back from playoff contention, when the team was playing well.

We really need the Raiders and Chargers to come through against the Lions. They just need to lose one of those two, because I am confident even the Matt Flynn led Packers beat the Lions in week 17. The NFC East conundrum is what makes me the most nervous. I see little way Seattle bests Dallas for a Wild Card spot if the Giants win that division, because I definitely am not going to put my cards in the Eagles basket. It’s even more confusing because I don’t know if I root for Dallas to win out or lose out. If Dallas wins out, New York finishes no better than 9-7. Seattle is in. If Dallas finishes 8-8, losing to the Eagles and Giants. Seattle is in.

To make it all easy, I am just going to be a huge Redskins fan next Sunday.


Eat them. Go Seahawks.

Taste the ENDZONE. Suckas.

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