Seattle Mariners sign Sean Henn, Eric Campbell


Sean Henn hopes to start a rich tradition of bearded Mariners relievers.

A more complete, perhaps more entertaining post about these guys can be found here, but I have to be at work in less than 9 hours, and these guys aren’t high profile signings by any means. I did however, come across some stats that I found interesting.

Henn is a walk machine that strikes out a lot of hitters, but he may be the situational lefty the Mariners have needed for a couple years. He’s been pretty awful overall, but he’s been exceedingly awful against righties.

Henn vs. Righties: 14.1 K%, 19.5 BB%, 6.87 xFIP

Henn vs. Lefties: 17.8 K%, 9.6 BB%, 4.70 xFIP

So Henn is a near average pitcher peripherally against lefties, and really awful–as previously stated–against righties. He’s mostly a hard fastball-slider pitcher, which explains a huge split, and if he can get his strikeouts up or his walks down, he could bet a great LOOGY. He’s also not arbitration eligible until 2014, and under team control til 2017, if the team is inclined to keep him that long.

Campbell is really just a third basemen, though he’s played a lot of positions a little bit. He hits for some power, and has played his time in AA in the Southern League, which may be a tad pitcher-friendly. He probably falls into the back end of the pool for right-handed platoons at third base, left-field, and designated hitter.