Mariners sign Matt Fox and Jeff Marquez

Grounder, apparently a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, is a more interesting picture than one of of the faceless, nearly nameless, right-handed drones Jack Zduriencik intends to employ in his farm system next season.

The Mariners signed pitchers Matt Fox and Jeff Marquez to minor league deals last week. I was out of town, and I haven’t been able to find time to analyze a pair of guys who have combined to throw less than 200…pitches in the bigs.

The two possess about the most generic repertoires possible for two right-handed pitchers. Low 90’s fastballs, below-average offspeed, some movement. It seems like Jack Zduriencik has collected about a half dozen

of these kinds of pitchers over the past two years, and while none of them have made an enormous impact at the big league level, if he can get one that develops into a guy that throws a ton of ground balls it will be work every bit of this time I spent typing an article that probably won’t matter.

As pointed out by Jeff Sullivan last week, the duo was drafted in the same draft—the same 2004 draft that saw the Mariners spend a third round pick (and a lot of money) on Marcus Tuiasosopo, who has amounted to very little.

I’m as excited about these guys as I was when the Mariners managed to sucker the Rockies out of Chaz Roe. Roe, he of the Jose Lopez trade, has grown a beard since coming to Seattle, which is about the best thing he’s done so far, having regressed after leaving the pitching confines of Colorado. Tacoma may be worse, but damn.