Seahawks analysis as Free Agency’s lightning round style fervor continues!

There have been a flurry of Seahawks moves, and real life is at full swing as I prepare to move to Tacoma, Kramer prepares to move to Moscow, Idaho, it’s been hard to keep up. Here’s a little refresher analysis.


Seahawks sign WR Sidney Rice (five years, $41 million)

I didn’t know how to feel about this at first. On the surface, Rice has one productive year, two disappointing years, and a year lost mostly to injury under his belt. The injury year was last year, which is worrisome, but he played after the injury last year, missing the first 10 games of the season. He’s the most complete receiver on the team, and really complements the rest of the corps well. He’ll be 25 years old this season, and 30 when the deal is done, so he will play in Seattle through his productive prime if he’s productive. He was rumored to go to St. Louis, so while I think this may have been an overpay for a guy with Rice’s productivity, I do buy into his ability, and keeping his hands away from Sam Bradford passes is a good idea. He also, obviously, has instant familiarity with new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

Matt Hasselbeck signs with Tennessee (three years, 21 million)

From a Seattle fan perspective this was the best possible alternative to Hasselbeck returning to Seattle at a reasonable price. He will mentor Seattle hero Jake Locker, and play on a team mainly irrelevant to Seattle’s success. Chances are this deal amounts to a one year deal when combined with a presumably low bonus. I’ve never been Hasselbeck’s greatest supporter, and have wanted Seattle to draft project quarterback for what seems like a half-decade, but it’s sad to see the best signal-caller in team history leave. The reality is though, the next time the Seahawks are in position to compete for a championship, Hasselbeck will likely be retired.

Kevin Kolb traded to Arizona (signed five year, $63 million extension)

As an anti-Kolb guy, there is no better scenario in my opinion, than Kolb ending up in Arizona, while one of the best young cornerbacks and a second round pick head east to Philadelphia, and the Cardinals extending Kolb to a deal that is far more than he deserves given his resume. This is another example of why the Charlie Whitehurst trade wasn’t so bad. Can Kolb put together a couple of Matt Schaub type of years? Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I see a lot more A.J. Feeley in him than Schaub.

Seahawks sign Tarvaris Jackson (two years, $8 million)

I don’t understand the uproar here. Fans are going crazy because Jackson has been a whipping boy in the media for the past four years. It hasn’t really been his fault though, as most of the criticism of him has Brad Childress at its core. He’s familiar with Bevell’s offense, the same age as Whitehurst, and didn’t cost any picks or additional compensation. Will he be the Seahawks quarterback of the future? I doubt it. But he’s relatively cheap, and between he and Whitehurst, the team may have a tradeable quarterback the next time we do this offseason thing.

Check out this comparison of Matt Hasselbeck and Tarvaris Jackson

Seahawks sign Robert Gallery (three years)

Without the financial terms of the contract available, it is hard to argue for or against the contract that Gallery signed. From a strictly football standpoint though, the deal makes nothing but sense. Gallery is driving another float in the familiarity parade, and he fits the power-zone-blocking scheme that Tom Cable figures to employ perfectly.