Sign the petition NOW! Yes on I-1158, do it, now, what are you waiting for?

I normally don’t get political at all on here, but last weekend I found a worthy cause.

On last Saturday, the girlfriend and I made a trip down to the Taste of Tacoma. She was basically there to keep me company, as she’s not very adventurous with food (I had alligator on  stick, like 9 million other attendees). On the way in were attacked by several petitioners.

Privatization of liquor sales? Already signed it, already voted for it last year.

Legalization of Marijuana? The easiest way to get these guys to go away is to tell them that you already did sign it.

Revocation of Illegal Alien Driver’s licenses? This is why I don’t talk politics on here.

But there is one initiative we should all be able to get behind. Initiative 1158, procured by Sonics Guy, that would replace Washington My Home with Not in Our House as Washington State’s state song until the NBA returns to Seattle. First matter of business, the present song is boring and generic. Sir-Mix-A-Lot is basically the sole representative from Seattle in the mainstream of hip hop, and that song is highly representative of the best era in Seattle sports, the mid-90s, when the Sonics and Mariners were both very good.

Find Sonics Guy somewhere locally, and sign his petition.