Franklin Gutierrez has his break through…Is he back??

Seeing Franklin Gutierrez do a post game interview means two things:

A. Franklin Gutierrez must have had something positive to do with a victory
B. Franklin Guiterrez’s sexy mug is on television (rocking the shades today!)

And please let me be the first one to say, it’s about damn time.

Franklin went 2-3 today with a walk and a home run in the Mariners 3-0 victory over Minnesota. Dingers are far and inbetween for this baseball team. He got a change-up up in the zone and rocked it to left field. There was no doubt about it.

This is the Guti that we have all grown accustomed to, and the same Guti that made him my favorite player.

He’s a right handed bat in the middle of the line-up we desperately need, the perfect mix of patience and aggressiveness that can provide better protection for Justin Smoak than Jack Cust, Olivo or Adam Kennedy can. He may only have 20 Home run power, but on this team that’s Jose Bautista power.

He’s gotten off to a slow start getting his offensive legs under him but hopefully today is when he starts to get into a groove.

No need to bring up the defense, he makes it look easy. Flying things indeed died today. Whether they were in his vicinity or not.

Most importantly? It means Guti is freaking back. Our offense is better. Defense is better. We’re a flat out better team with Franklin Gutierrez.