Mariners acquire Brendan Ryan

The Mariners dealt Maikel Cleto to the St. Louis Cardinals for Brendan Ryan. The move is mostly inconsequential, as Ryan is basically a better version of Josh Wilson, or a healthier version of Jack Wilson. However, he’s got the ability to hit some doubles, with 19 in each of the last two years. He posted an 18+ UZR in just shy of 2000 innings at shortstop in the past two seasons.

Cleto came to Seattle as part of the J.J. Putz trade, and was encouraging for many fans because of his physical abilities. Visa issues in 2009 seemed to set him back, and with no sign of progression in 2010, Cleto’s star was starting to dim.

If no other move gets made the Mariners traded tremendously volatile potential for stability on defense at a premier position, a lateral move. If it comes in conjunction with a Jack Wilson trade, it would be a fantastic move.