Thunder’s visit to Portland another opportunity for Sonic fans to be heard

It’s been over two years now. What happened doesn’t need to be rehashed. We all know what happened, and how it happened.

But for some, myself included, there is still a lot of hurt. A lot of what ifs. A lot of memories.

And for some, they still want their voices to be heard. Which is why, every time the team that was taken away from us visits the home of our former rivals our fans make the pilgrimage down I-5 to the Rose Garden for the ‘Green and Gold demonstration’

Here’s a video from February 2009 to give you a little bit of an idea what one could expect being at the Rose Garden for tonight’s game.

Last year was an even better opportunity for Sonic fans in Portland because that’s when Sonicgate hit the NBA World. For anybody who hasn’t watched it, I would highly recommend it. Even for those who weren’t necessarily Sonic fans, it even gave those who didn’t support spending money on the Sonics a chance to speak for themselves and touch on as many points as possible in as much of an unbiased manner as possible.

Here is Jason Reid, one of the directors and creators of the film, with the media in Portland last year courtesy of Sonicsgate

Expect more of the same this year. Here’s the facebook page advertising the event.