Ken Griffey Jr. Will NOT Be Released

Much has been made of Griffey’s sleepgate episode these last few days. Anyone who wants to know the truth and context can read Shannon Drayer’s blog at

For those of you calling for Ken Griffey Jr.’s release?

Shame on you.

SI’s Jon Heyman writes that Griffey will not be released. He cites a source as well.

I do agree that Griffey is slipping. His bat looks slow. He hasn’t shown yet that he can still hit a hard fastball on the inside of the plate.

But I do not agree that he is done. He is the greatest Mariner of all-time. We NEED him to be competitive this year. Releasing him would be a public relations nightmare and would cast a dark shadow over this year’s mariner regime.

He may be old, he may be slipping, but he can still produce. I firmly believe that. And he deserves to go out on his own terms.

Oh, how quickly you forget that the M’s were the ones who chose to bring Griffey back. They need to stick with him. I have no doubt he will yet contribute this season.

For all of you calling for his release, I reiterate:

Shame on you.