Game 31 notes: Mariners 8, Angels 1

Happy Mother’s Day moms, the Mariners ended their eight-game losing streak today, and it feels good.

Brad Adam and Bill Krueger are speculating that the Mariners will continue to hit with the pink bats they used to raise Breast Cancer awareness today.

The bats definitely lit up today. Josh Wilson and Michael Saunders, both of which were last week’s position-player call ups, came up with home runs. Wilson added a triple and a single, and Saunders had a single. Tomorrow we’ll begin to speculate on what “bats” are actually available that would fit the paradigm the Mariners would be willing to trade for (read: no Jose Guillen). However, if Saunders can hit like he has in his brief time at the major league level this year, he may be writing Mike Sweeney’s ticket out of town.

Saunders is an instant defensive upgrade over Milton Bradley, and Bradley hits right-handers better. It wouldn’t take much to upgrade over the present DH tandem, and the catalyst for change may be last year’s much-awaited prospect.

I don’t like Jack Wilson. So I’m happy to see Josh Wilson, who I feel is a very similar player to Jack, playing and succeeding at a much lower price tag. He did boot two balls today, one of which was called a hit.

Later in the week, as time permits, I’m going to analyze the luck factor (both bad and good luck), and how sustainable the Mariners successes or failures to this point are.

Jason Vargas pitched a gem, and his change up is Moyer-esque right now, and he’s locating his breaking ball (apart from one really badly hung one that Mike Napoli fouled off) well.

It’s Mom’s day, and I have to get cracking on the second-installment of the Mariners bat search. However, be happy Mariners fans, you don’t have to dread a Mariners game for at least another day, as the team is off tomorrow.