On the Jose Guillen Rumor

Supposedly, the Mariners have shown interest in Jose Guillen.

When Guillen was a competent outfielder, if you ignored his malcontent ways, he was a decent fit in Safeco. Right field has the least ground to cover, so when Ichiro was in center, Guillen could hold down right with his range being tested to a minimum.

Well those days may be gone. Guillen has been banished to DH, and though he’s had success in Safeco, he’d probably be limited to the righty platoon at DH with this Mariners club too.

His salary may be prohibitive though. Last year the Mariners traded basically nothing for Bill Hall, and the Brewers ate most of Hall’s salary. However, Hall has over 800 innings played at shortstop, third base, centerfield, and second base. He fit the team’s need for a versatile player who had offensive potential in specific situations.

Guillen doesn’t.

Trading for Guillen wouldn’t make any sense. Even though he’s putting together a good season.