Game 29 notes: Angels 8, Mariners 0

No notes recently, but the Mariners are 11-18. We’ll continue to search for bats as long as the Mariners remain in contention.

Felix struggled a ton today, his second rocky outing. He threw over 80 pitches in the first three innings today.

The offense is still sputtering, Milton Bradley is on the restricted list, and Jack Wilson is day-to-day. If you haven’t read the rest of the Mariners blogosphere, Mike Sweeney needs to be cut, now.

5.2 innings of scoreless ball from Jesus Colome, Brandon League and Kanaoke Texeira.

Michael Saunders hit a double down the line, if he can improve the offense he’ll make a strong case for pushing Mike Sweeney out of the lineup and either giving Milton Bradley some innings at first, or moving him to the right-handed platoon DH.

It sucks to be a Mariners fan right now.