LenDale White to Seahawks

I’m sure Casey or someone else will analyze this in much greater detail later in the day, but it looks like the Pete Carroll-USC monster has struck as Seattle gave Tennessee their 4th and 6th round picks of the draft for White.

I don’t know the relative value of 4th and 6th round picks, but it seems to me like that’s quite a lot to give up for a guy who averaged 3.7 yards per carry in his first four seasons and averaged only 3.5 last year. Color me skeptical.


Seattle picked up Defensive Tackle Kevin Vickerson in the trade as well. Vickerson’s played in 24 games for the Titans over a 3-year career, has 45 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and I literally know nothing else about him. His Scouts Inc. grade in 2009 was 20.

The definition of a 20 grade:

“A player with very little film to evaluate … A guy who might show ‘flashes’ in the preseason but does not have any regular-season views … He has very little experience but he has to be tracked due to his developmental potential.” – espn.com


Update to the update:

Okay, so the initial AP story was poorly written. The Seahawks only swapped 4th and 6th round picks with the Titans, rather than trading them away outright. This trade just went from questionable to really, really good.