Seahawks lone day two pick could tell the future

In the deepest draft class that I can remember, there are a ton of very good prospects left in the draft.

Unfortunately for the Seahawks, they have only one pick on day two, but they could be in position to draft a player who would be drafted in the first round in any other draft, or in the top 15 in some cases (Taylor Mays, Jimmy Clausen).

So with that in mind, the team will probably show their hand to some extent with regard to future drafts, in terms of their valuation of players.

For example, some teams take players at need positions. Others take the best player available. Some put stipulations on their high-round picks. For example, Tim Ruskell didn’t draft receivers in the first round. New England and Mike Shanahan share the same distinction.

Similarly, Shanahan doesn’t draft runningbacks in the first round. Mike Holmgren doesn’t draft quarterbacks in the first round, though he coached his own quarterbacks before this year, and he’ll ask someone else to do that for the time being.

Some teams like to trade down, some like to trade up. The Seahawks did neither yesterday.

Actually, between Russell Okung and Earl Thomas, it could be argued that the Seahawks drafted for need (which is basically unarguable) but also the best player available, best evidenced by them passing on Taylor Mays.

The Seahawks have a ton of needs (WR, DE, RB, CB, some of which can be argued), and there should be players available at all of those positions when (and if) the Seahawks pick at No. 60.

Also, the team may look to dump a guy like Leroy Hill, in trouble with the law twice in as many years, and tethered to the team by only minimal guarantees in an uncapped year.

And we know that they will be employing a pretty devout zone-blocking scheme. That is indicative of the type of linemen they are looking at, athletic, second-level punishers. But it doesn’t indicate the types of running backs, who will be navigating that second level, or receivers, who will be assisting in run blocking at the second level.

Pick No. 60 may be the biggest tell for future events that we’ve seen so far this offseason.