2010 NFL Draft: Live Coverage

Welcome to North and South of Royal Brougham’s Live NFL Draft coverage.

I’m a little under the weather, but between a healthy breakfast and a couple Red Bulls, I should be able to make it through the first day.

3:11 I hope Jimmy Clausen falls out of the top 10, not because I love Clausen, or Todd McShay, but seeing Mel Kiper without hair gel for a year would be awesome.

3:15 I am also glad that Felix day was yesterday, because my DVR is on double duty, recording the ESPN and NFL Network broadcasts of the draft, so this way I can use the bathroom between Red Bulls.

3:29 Mike Tirico came dangerously close to having his head taken off by a thrown football at the end of the panel’s bold predictions

3:48 In the 14th month of hearing about where Tim Tebow will get drafted…. I question life and career choices…. and then they stop talking about Tebow, the smoke clears, and all of the sudden things are right again.

3:52 They just showed Brandon Ghee on NFLN, I think that CBs are the  hardest position to project. Typically, even the best are wrong. Teams look for such a wide variety of characteristics from the position…

3:56 This “Empire state of mind” song that they play at the beginning of and end of every segment is going to haunt my dreams. I like Jay Z in the song, but the chorus is so catchy its been stuck in my head for like a week already.

4:00 I don’t think that Sam Bradford is better than Trent Edwards (for whom I’m an eternal apologist), that’s not an insult, but he’s probably not worth $50 million guaranteed, glad he’ll be in my team’s division.

4:03 Erin Andrews just asked Jimmy Clausen the “hot question,” I have a few “hot questions” I’d like to ask Erin Andrews. And Palm Springs is a pretty cool place if you never want to see anyone under 50 years old.

4:06 This post is going to get long and crowded, if you just want to see pick analysis, go here.

4:16 By my estimation, only nine of the draft invitees will be taken in the first round for sure. Man, I wish Ndamukong Suh was going to be a Seahawk, I’d love to yell SUUUUUUUHHHH when he stuffed Frank Gore, Steven Jackson, and Beanie Wells for a loss.

4:23 Tim Tebow is going to be the first tight end with a reality show…

4:26 NFLN should never let Mayock go, and Mayock should stay. He’ll never be fired, and he offers such great insight into the war room from a scouting perspective.

4:30 The St. Louis Rams are on the clock, and the heroin-like addiction that is the NFL perpetuates…

1. St Louis Rams: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

The Rams pick their signal-caller for at least the next half decade, no surprise. They NEED to put him behind a clip board, not under center for a year though.

4:38 I’m not surprised Mike Holmgren didn’t trade up. He has made later round picks into solid NFL quarterbacks, Pro Bowlers, and Hall of Famers. And he’ll have a new coach in town next year.

4:40 It’s funny that Kiper mentioned Bradford’s golf ability, he’ll need that come January… presuming he chooses to live somewhere that isn’t too cold to golf in January.

4:42 Suh’s on the phone…

2. Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

He’ll fit in where Albert Haynesworth did in Tennessee. However, Suh has excellent character and work ethic, and is an intelligent student of the game.

4:45 I’m jealous of Lions fans right now. The Bucs pick is one of two swing picks for the Seahawks. If they go Berry or Okung it drastically changes the Seahawks future. If they go McCoy as expected, all things go as planned.

4:50 McCoy is on the phone…

3. Tampa Bay: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

The Buccaneers get the closest thing to Warren Sapp that has existed since Sapp himself. I was unimpressed with McCoy on Jim Rome is Burning, but he’s got all the physical tools.’

4:54 The Redskins have had an O-Lineman in their sights for the entire draft season, in my opinion. Its just a matter of Okung vs. Williams.

4:55 I’ve had Geno Atkins higher than most in my mocks. I think he has a chance to supplant McCoy as the second best from this class at the DT position. He may be had in the second or third round though.

4. Washington Redskins: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

Big mistake. Trent Williams is not as good as Russell Okung. He fits the ZBS better, but he’s got much less scheme-versatility.

5:01 As a Seahawks fan I’m thrilled. They’ll get whoever is left of Eric Berry or Russell Okung, which will fit well either way. Unless Dan Williams goes now, this is another swing pick that can change a huge portion of the first round.

5:02 I had typed that “cooler heads had prevailed” in Washington, because I was sure they’d take Okung. I guess I was wrong.

5:05 Eric Berry is on the phone, and my ego over understanding Scott Pioli’s draft strategy is blow apart.

5. Kansas City: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

Eric Berry is a great pick here. I didn’t think it would go this way, and I’m extremely jealous. Mark him down as a Hall of Famer. Positional value isn’t great in the top 10, but Berry is special.

5:08 Here it is, Seahawks on the clock, if it isn’t Okung then you’ll find me in Kirkland cursing Pete Carroll’s name.

5:09 The Seahawks should take Earl Thomas at No. 14, or field calls for teams interested in Clausen, Thomas, or JPP.

5:10 Call me an Adam Schefter fanboy, but I also think that Okung is more akin to Ryan Clady than Trent Williams. Okung, Gibbs, and Bates will make some noise on offense this year.

5:12 Show me Okung on the phone dammit!

5:13 My wish is their command.

6. Seattle: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

Dream scenario, the only thing better than getting Eric Berry for Pete Carroll (I love Berry though). Okung is a perfect fit for the ZBS, and is much stronger than Trent Williams.

5:18 I really think Holmgren is a wildcard here. I have Dez Bryant going there, but it could be anything from Spiller to Clausen to a defensive player.

5:20 I think that Justin Forsett is a poor man’s C.J. Spiller, and that Seattle drafting Spiller at No. 14 would create redundancy in their backfield.

5:23 Joe Haden is on the phone…

7. Cleveland: Joe Haden, CB, Florida

I think Haden is the best comparison to Marcus Trufant in this draft. With good safety play, Trufant is an excellent cornerback.

5:25 Sean Kramer just sent me a text message about the disgusting ways he’s going to celebrate the drafting of Russell Okung… I can’t say I blame him.

5:26 Raiders on the clock, this should be fun.

5:27 I wonder if Jon Gruden would go back to the Raiders. I can’t tell if his Al Davis ass-kissing is diplomatic, or part of his job search.

8. Oakland: Rolando McLain, LB, Alabama

A very good pick for Al Davis, been waiting  a few years to say that. This may be a little high for McLain, but he’s a safe pick and can step in and play tough with his size this season.

5:34 This should be Jimmy Clausen.

9. Buffalo: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

Bad pick, but it means that Marshawn Lynch is gone. Spiller will be very good, and will give Trent Edwards another weapon.

5:36 Just not Tim Tebow.

10. Jacksonville: Tyson Alualu, DT/DE, Cal

Huge reach. Jags love big defensive ends, I didn’t have him in the first two rounds personally.

5:41 TRADE ALERT: San Francisco moves up to No. 11, presumably for Jimmy Clausen.

5:42 I have to assume that the Jaguars are going to get Alualu at a discount rate compared to a prospect actually worth pick No. 10.

11: San Francisco 49ers (From Denver): Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

It’s a curious pick from Mike Singletary. Davis has work ethic concerns and has a lot of the bad qualities of Andre Smith. I guess Miami could have drafted Davis, but i doubt it.

5:46 TRADE ALERT: Dolphins and Chargers, Presumably the Chargers will take Ryan Mathews, but don’t rule out Dan Williams.

12. San Diego (From Miami): Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State

Mathews will be a solid NFL running back. I’m a proponent for drafting running backs later in the modern-day NFL. Ben Tate and Montario Hardesty would fill the same role and be available later.

5:52 TRADE ALERT: Broncos and Eagles, presumably for Earl Thomas

5:54 These trades are getting hard to keep up with. The Broncos-49ers trade was a 1300-1268 trade for the DVC chart. So the Broncos took a slight hit, but we know that New England coaching tree guys value draft picks differently.

13. Philadelphia (From Denver via San Francisco): Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

Yuck. The Eagles love to draft on both lines, I think Graham is a reach here, and doesn’t address a need. Some people are really high on Graham though.

6:01 It’s getting a bit crazy, and my board is blown to bits. I don’t want Dez Bryant in Seattle, put me on record, a broken record.

6:03 Trade down Pete.

6:04 Earl Thomas on the phone, I’m a happy man.

14. Seattle: Earl Thomas, S, Texas

I’m not in love with Thomas as much as other people are. I think he fits the modern safety paradigm though. He fills a serious need in Seattle and presents good value at No. 14.

6:07 Crisis averted. I didn’t want Dez Bryant in Seattle because of his piss-poor character, and didn’t want Spiller because of his redundancy to Forsett. A coverage safety and the top tackle, great first day.

6:09 JPP and Derrick Morgan are on the board and seemingly forgotten. If the Giants stay they should pick either.

6:12 Brian Bulaga is still on the board, he can thank Robert Gallery.

15. New York Giants: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida

Great value pick, and he puts another bullet in the gun for the Giants. He may make Osi Umenyiora expendable too, which could get the Giants a day two pick.

6:15 You have to assume Derrick Morgan goes here, unless the Titans draft another hyper-athletic skill position player.

6:17 I spelled Osi Umenyiora right on my first try, screw you third grade spelling bee, I know how to spell oceanography, give me a do-over.

16. Tennessee: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

No brainer pick, Morgan is by far the best defensive end in this draft in my opinion. Tennessee’s defense is immediately improved, and Morgan can suit it up for a decade.

6:23 This pick is kind of a mystery: Jimmy Clausen? Kyle Wilson? Taylor Mays?

17. San Francisco: Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho

Two straight offensive linemen. Look for Iupati to blow up holes for Frank Gore and Glen Coffee. I think they need very little on defense. These are luxury picks, but this team will continue to get better as they are young and talented.

6:28 If they draft Clausen they are crazy.

18. Pittsburgh: Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida

I don’t love centers in the first round. If Pouncey plays guard I love this pick, as the Steelers need a replacement for Alan Faneca and could use depth and replacements across the whole line.

6:30 The Steelers give Roethlisberger a vote of confidence, but Steve Young is wrong, not “only the Steelers” draft a center in the first round.

19. Atlanta: Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri

Weatherspoon is a good pick, and one I had in my mock. He’ll cover both sidelines and be a productive linebacker under Mike Smith.

6:34 I’m getting hungry, and luckily, my roommate just brought me Chicken Pad Thai from the new place that just opened down the street.

20. Houston: Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama

I’m actually higher on Jackson than Kyle Wilson, and I like this pick. Dunta Robinson is gone, and was under-productive when he was in Houston, Jackson steps in right away.

6:39 I feel like I have a good idea of the Texans draft strategy, because it’s so similar to what the Seahawks did a decade.

21. Cincinnati: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

Yet another Big-12 guy. Gresham is the top tight end, and if it weren’t for his knee injury, he’d have been considered in the top 10. The Bengals finally get a viable tight end.

6:43 New England is a mystery always. The will probably look to trade this pick to a team looking at either Clausen or Bulaga. They may draft Bulaga themselves too, though they don’t like o-linemen in the first round.

6:45 I wonder if the Pats extend Vince Wilfork if they knew that Dan Williams would be available.

6:45 TRADE ALERT: Pats trade pick to Broncos, Jimmy Clausen?

22. Denver (From New England): Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

I’m not surprised this wasn’t Dez Bryant, as McDaniels seems tired of divas. And Thomas comes from the same goofy offense as Calvin Johnson. I just don’t think he’s first round material.

6:49 Brian Bulaga to the Packers?

6:50 To the ESPN Panel, Brandon Marshall is a jerk. That’s the problem. Not his play.

23. Green Bay: Brian Bulaga, OL, Iowa

Brian Bulaga can play all across the line, and he will in Green Bay. It’s a great value pick, as some considered Bulaga a top 10 talent. His free fall ends.

6:53 If New England keeps this pick it has to be on the defensive line.

6:57 Can Carlos Dunlap replace Richard Seymour?

6:58 TRADE ALERT: New England trades to Cowboys, Dez Bryant, has to be.

24. Dallas (From New England via Denver via Philadelphia): Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

Bryant will fit well alongside Miles Austin and Roy Williams. The Cowboys give Tony Romo another target, and the Cowboys offense got more explosive. And the city is forgiving of character concerns. Good pick.

7:02 Does Baltimore get insurance for Haloti Ngata? Dan Williams is still on the board.

7:03 Jets fans next to Giants fans all chanting “USA,” they are probably fighting off camera now. I think that Jared Odrick makes sense here too.

7:05 TRADE ALERT: Denver trades with Baltimore, looks like they’ll draft Tim Tebow.

7:06 If this is Tim Tebow, it is the worst pick of the draft. Jimmy Clausen is still on the board.

7:07 Can Seattle please trade up and take Clausen?

25. Denver (From Baltimore): Tim Tebow, QB/TE/FB/H-Back, Florida

Ugliest pick of the first. Jacksonville taking a third rounder at 10 makes more sense than Denver taking Tebow at No. 25. Jacksonville taking him here wouldn’t make sense. Ugly pick, McDaniels is a bad evaluator of talent.

7:12 The Pad Thai is awesome, and the Broncos suck. Good news for those of us that still carry that old AFC West rivalry in our hearts.

7:16 Do the Cardinals take Jimmy Clausen? Bruce Campbell is still on the board too, though he’s not a huge need.

26. Arizona: Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee

I like Williams a lot. I think he’s a great fit in Arizona. I don’t think this indicates some kind of crazy vote of confidence for Matt Leinart though. Williams is a solid selection here.

7:19 I believe that Pats go d-line here. Jerry Hughes, Sergio Kindle, and Everson Griffen have to be attractive, but one of them could be available when they pick in the second round. Carlos Dunlap and Jared Odrick probably won’t be.

27. New England: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers

I actually think that McCourty can play safety. However, he’ll probably start out at corner. Smart pick by the Patriots, though corner is typically a position they draft later.

7:29 I know that I’ve been all over Clausen, but the Dolphins should take a look at Bruce Campbell here.

28. Miami: Jared Odrick, DE, Penn State

This pick makes a lot of sense, and I think that Odrick is an underrated prospect. I think he was an average 4-3 DT prospect, but is Tyson Jackson-esque (in a good way) at 3-4 DE.

7:32 I have to assume this is where Taylor Mays’ fall ends. The Jets could use a replacement for Kerry Rhodes.

7:36 Does rush linebacker pose a bigger need than safety? The Jets did just sign Jason Taylor. There are some good ones still available though.

29. New York Jets: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

Darrelle Revis gets some help on the other side. The Jets will be tough to throw against, and both corners are very physical. Rex Ryan is building one hell of a defense.

7:39 For the last three or four years, I’ve spent draft day corresponding via AOL Instant Messenger (yes, we are 16 year old girls) with Jonathan Hull, who writes for www.fantasyfootballjungle.com. He and I are debating where Taylor Mays falls, he says New Orleans, in which case, I like Darren Sharper to Seattle, and Jon likes him to Dallas. Silly Cowgirls fans.

7:41 This is a dream scenario for Brad Childress, who is in position to draft the most pro-ready quarterback in the draft in Jimmy Clausen. Sure, they brought back Tarvaris Jackson and may bring back Brett Favre, but Clausen can be successful in that offense.

7:44 TRADE ALERT: Lions trade with Vikings, Bruce Campbell? Charles Brown? Has to be O-line.

30. Detroit Lions (From Minnesota): Jahvid Best, RB, California

I really don’t like this pick. I don’t think that Indianapolis, New Orleans or St. Louis would have drafted Best. If they picked him in the second round, it would make sense, but to trade up was stupid.

7:49 I think the most awkward job in sports would be the guy who has to direct Jahvid Best on how to pose while shirtless with a football in his hand as part of draft promotion.

7:50 I have Geno Atkins here, but Carlos Dunlap can play inside also, and could get picked to play inside or as depth for Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney.

7:52 Jon Gruden just said something about it being a “crazy league with a bunch of dumbass…” to be a fly on the wall.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU

I like Hughes, he fits the Colts paradigm for ends who are undersided and can cover, it’s just uninspired. I love what Bill Polian does, but it rarely wows me on draft day. Raheem Brock is probably out of town. Good pick.

7:56 Looks like Jon Hull was right, unless the Saints take a Terrence Cody or Cam Thomas here. If they do that then both Mays and Clausen go undrafted in the first round. I never in my wildest dreams expected that. Will a Cover-2 team draft Mays to play linebacker?

8:00 I could see Bruce Campbell here too, but not Charles Brown. Brown is going to have to land in a place with a finesse running game, which the Saints do not have.

32. New Orleans Saints: Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

A solid pick. I think there was better value on the board though. The Saints have needed help in their secondary for a while. This doesn’t quite signal Darren Sharper’s departure.

8:05 And now I’m off to pound out some analysis of this mess.