M’s Game 13 notes: The streak is over

I’m no huge Ian Snell fan, but Eric Byrnes obviously did him no favors missing the leadoff fly ball from Austin Jackson. He got out of the inning though. Then he looked worse on a ball he actually did catch in the third inning. And then he got his own salvation, extending a rally that Griffey started. But it only lead to one run. Even on Cabrera’s routine fly to the

Snell missed his spot to Cabrera, which led to the home run. But big innings are far from an incident isolated to today.

Max Scherzer has been generally unimpressive. I know he’s a highly touted prospect, and obviously 95 mph heat with movement qualifies as good stuff, but he has a lot of command issues which seem to be mechanical. If he cleans up his mechanics he’s got stuff to be good.

Casey Kotchman put about the ugliest home run swing on a pitch I’ve seen in a while. It showed however, that despite reaching for the ball, he’s still very strong.

Another hap-hazardly written set of notes. In a week or two I’m going to write up about why Ian Snell will never be better than he is, if only to contradict the starry-eyed optimism of Schille.