My Annual MLB Season Predictions

Hi there, and greeting to all from finals week at BYU. As I do every March/April, I predict the upcoming MLB season, as applicable to my scope of interest, and then get around to putting it on paper about a week into the season. Why change this year.

Keep in mind these are my predictions, and have not been changed/influenced/updated at all in ANY way from the week of baseball I have already seen.

I tend to mix twenty-two years of baseball knowledge with ignorant optimism(every year I predict the Mariners will return to glory) and gut feelings.

Surprisingly, more often than not, my gut feelings are right, (did YOU have Butler going to the Final Four? Actually, I didn’t either…).  Remember, you heard/saw it here first at NASORB.

American League West

  1. 90-72 Seattle Mariners – Look at the history of teams with multiple Cy Young caliber pitchers.
  2. 87-75 LA Angels of Anaheim – They’ve fallen, but still boast a strong roster.
  3. 84-78 Texas Rangers – They still don’t have the pitching necessary. Rich Harden won’t stay healthy.
  4. 75-87 Oakland A’s – Billy Beane might be the most overrated GM in baseball. How long has it been since this team was relevant?

M’s Stats:

  1. .323 7 54 Ichiro
  2. .301 5 53 C. Figgins
  3. .297 23 88 F. Gutierrez
  4. .300 23 97 M. Bradley
  5. .288 25 95 J. Lopez
  6. .260 20 75 K. Griffey Jr.
  7. .278 16 73 C. Kotchman
  8. .267 18 70 A. Moore/R. Johnson
  9. .266 5 59 J. Wilson
  1. 21-5 2.65 F. Hernandez
  2. 16-6 3.12 C. Lee
  3. 12-4 3.23 E. Bedard
  4. 14-10 3.97 I. Snell
  5. 13-7 3.67 R. Rowland-Smith
  1. 2-2 1.78 47 saves D. Aardsma

Mariners who will make the All-Star Team:

Ichiro, Franklin Gutierrez, Milton Bradley, Felix Hernandez, Cliff Lee, David Aardsma

Post-Season Awards:

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez, 3B Yankees

AL CY YOUNG: Felix Hernandez, P Mariners

AL ROY: Wade Davis, P Rays

NL MVP: Albert Pujols, 1B Cardinals

NL CY YOUNG: Roy Halladay, P Phillies

NL ROY: Jason Heyward, RF Braves


AL Central Winner: Chicago White Sox

AL East Winner: New York Yankees

AL Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays

AL Champion: Seattle Mariners

World Series: Mariners over Phillies

Yes, you heard it here first. The Seattle Mariners will win the 2010 World Series. Write it down.

Maybe I am crazy. Maybe not. Jackie Z will add a bat by the deadline. King Felix, Lee and Bedard will be healthy together for the last three months of the season, Felix and Cliff for the last five. I ask you doubters to think of the last teams with three all-star caliber pitchers, multiple Cy Young caliber pitchers. Think about it. How did they fare in the post-season?

Bring on the criticism, you cynics. I’m okay for now being ignorantly(well, maybe not so ignorantly this year) optimistic.

See you in October.