Mariners limp home after 2-5 start

Not much to say after the Mariners displayed another poor offensive performance in a 9-2 thrashing at the hands of the Rangers to drop their second series in as many tries in this young 2010 season.

Three out of the first four innings, the M’s had their leadoff man aboard. Once could they capitalize, in the second when Griffey was able to come home from third on a fielders choice. They ended up 2 for 10 with runners in scoring position, and leaving 12 men on base.

Ian Snell got rocked, and labored through three innings of baseball. He struggled to get the Rangers to put the ball on the ground and was getting hit hard. He wasn’t necessarily struggling with his control, but the Rangers were selective and were able to hit him hard. The Rangers were able to bunch together hits for a 4 spot in the 2nd that pretty much put the game away, considering Seattle’s offensive woes

The “struggling” Milton Bradley got the day off. Byrnes got the go in left, Griffey got the go at DH.

Gutierrez continues his tear, with another two hits today.

Jose Lopez just looks miserable up there at the plate. He struck out twice, including once in three pitches with a runner in scoring position. He has trouble recognizing breaking pitches, as Feldman dropped one in there on the first pitch for a strike, then worked him inside and away to get him chasing. Makes you wonder what could’ve been had Jack Z been able to put him as a piece in a trade package. Whatever value Lopez had is waning away if this keeps up.

Now, the Mariners come home. A nine game home stand against Oakland, Detroit, and Baltimore awaits. The good news is, it’s not necessarily time to panic yet. The thing to remember is, this team that Jack assembled, was built for this ball park. You have to think that Rowland Smith, Fister and Vargas might fare a little better against a poor A’s squad, in the friendly confines of Safeco Field.

And, let’s be real, can you really see the Angels or Rangers running away with this anytime soon? The A’s are on top right now off to a good 5-2 start, so taking 2 out of 3 for the M’s would be a good place to start a turn around.

Which, really is the key for Seattle right now. It’s one series at a time, and it’s just hanging around. Until Cliff Lee returns and the rotation, the strength of this team, is able to fully form.